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Analytical examination of the acquis

CHAPTER 3 – Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services

Agenda for the Explanatory Screening





Acquis references

EC Speaker




Leopold Maurer (DG Enlargement)

Jeroen Hooijer (DG Internal Market and Services)

21. XI

9.15 – 13.00

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications

Speakers come from DG Internal Market and Services

9.15  - 11.30

General System

  • 32005L0036

Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications  (OJ L 255, 30.09.2005, p. 22) html


The presentation under this directive will be structured as follows:


General principles and general presentation of Directive 2005/36;

Specific sectors of Directive 2005/36:

- general system;

- craftsmen;

- sectoral parts of the Directive, general points

   - pharmacists;

   - veterinarians;

   - dentists;

   - Doctors;

   - General care nurses;

   - midwives;

   - architects.

Catherine Heldmaier-Regnier







Corinne Guidicelli/
Silvia Cerchia
Nadia Costacurta/An Baeyens
An Baeyens
An Baeyens
Nadia Costacurta
Robert Pochmarski
Robert Pochmarski
João de Abreu Rocha
João de Abreu Rocha

11.00 -11.30