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Bulgaristan-Türkiye Sınır Ötesi İşbirliği Programı Bağımsız Değerlendirici Alım Duyurusu

Bulgaristan-Türkiye Sınır Ötesi İşbirliği Programı (2007-2013) ikinci teklif duyurusu kapsamında sunulan projeleri değerlendirmek üzere bağımsız değerlendiriciler alınacaktır.


How to apply

The applications shall be made by sending the documents listed under Article 4 to ssozer@abgs.gov.tr, seozturk@abgs.gov.tr until April 22nd, 2011. Depending on the applications received, those whose applications are accepted may be invited for interview to be held at the EUSG premises.

1. Scope of Work and Management Structure

Project evaluation is a process of assessment of the project applications according to the procedures and criteria, scoring and ranking systems, approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC).

The project evaluation has three main phases:
First, opening session carried out by the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS). Basic information on each submitted project is recorded in an electronic registration system.

Second, administrative compliance and eligibility check carried out by the JTS. Administrative compliance and eligibility check examines the compliance of the project with the specific requirements of the respective Call for Proposals (CfPs).

Third, technical/quality evaluation carried out by independent assessors from both Bulgaria and Turkey contracted by the Programme Managing Authority (MA). Quality evaluation assesses if the proposed projects are relevant to the priorities and measures of the territorial cooperation programmes and assesses the projects in view of project planning, management and implementation from both the technical and the financial points of view.

Call for assessors is held in both partnering countries. Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) approves a list of selected assessors from both sides. Depending on the needs of every definite call for proposals the assessors from both countries are contracted by MA
An Assessment Working Group (AWG) is established for each Call for Proposals (CfPs), chaired by MA and secretarially supported by JTS. JTS organizes the assessment process and presents Tender Evaluation Report (TER) to the JMC for selection and decision.

2. Responsibilities of the Assessors

An AWG is established for each call for proposal. Assessors carry out independent evaluation of the project proposals submitted within the frame of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme. Responsibilities are as follows:

• to conduct an evaluation of the project applications - according to the criteria previously approved by the JMC for each specific call - from a technical and financial standpoint;
• to give scores for each criteria set in the Evaluation Grid;
• to provide a justification for scores given for the evaluation criteria;
• to take active part in the process of the evaluation;
• to participate independently in the work of the AWG;
• to respect the working time and working rules;
• to report for any irregularities to the Chairperson of the AWG and if necessary to the head of the "Legislation, Risk Assessment and Irregularities" Department at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW).
• to sign a Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality;
• to participate in the decision making process of the AWG concerning the request for clarifications to applicants, the ranking of projects and the adoption of TER;
• to sign with his/her name the TER;

3. Requirements


• university or equivalent degree (architecture, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, hydrogeology engineering and civil engineering );
• fluent in English and one of the official languages of both countries in speaking and writing;
• good computer skills;

Professional experience:

minimum 3 years of professional experience in the field of profession.


Knowledge of official languages of both countries;
Knowledge of EU Funds and/or IPA rules and cross-border co-operation programmes
Excellent communication skills, open minded, and a good team worker;
Knowledge of planning and/or managing cross-border cooperation project/programme;
Experience in evaluation/management/implementation of EU-funded projects / programmes.
Experience as an external evaluator/assessor

4. Recruitment procedure
The assessors are nominated from MA and NA based on the pre-defined criteria and requirements specified in item 3.
All candidates for assessors have to present the following documents:
- CV illustrating technical and linguistic capabilities, as well as experience in previous evaluations;
- copy of degree certificate
- copy of document/s providing information on the relevant professional experience (a record of service or references)
- copy of a certificate showing linguistic capability
All candidates selected and approved by the JMC relevant to the requirements are recorded in a database.
The assessors to participate in the evaluation of each particular call for proposals are designated by MA and NA right after the deadline for receiving project applications. The professional qualification and number of assessors that will be involved in the evaluation sessions are estimated in accordance with the type of call and number of applications (project proposals) received.

5. Logistics and Timing

JTS provides the assessors with:
• the Programme and the documentation of the relevant call for proposal: guidelines for applicants, evaluation criteria/ Evaluation Grid/s and scoring system;
• logistics of the evaluation sessions;
• office accommodation and equipment;
• the Chairperson of the AWG assigns to the assessors the proposals for assessment

MA and/or JTS provide training to the assessors
The number of working days for the definite AWG will be specified in accordance with the number of project proposals received.

6. Reporting

Each proposal will be evaluated against evaluation criteria previously approved by JMC by one (or several) assessors independently, who fill in (individual) evaluation forms giving marks and providing comments.
The TER is prepared by Chairperson and Secretary and signed by all members of AWG.
The TER contains information on the different steps of assessment and ranking. The TER(s) should be transferred by the JTS to the JMC of the programme for selection and decision on projects for funding.


7. Way of Payment

The assessors will be paid from the Technical Assistance budget of the Programme. They will be contracted by the MA as physical persons and will be paid after approval of the TER on a basis of number of projects assessed.
The way of payment will be specified into each single assessor's contract with the MA.



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