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Chapter 25- Science and Research

Content of the Chapter

The acquis in Chapter 25 - Science and Research - requires the Member States to ensure the necessary implementing capacities to pursue the Community objectives and activities in the field of research and technological development. This Chapter does not require transposition of EU rules into the national legal order.

 The implementing capacity in the context of "Science and Research" chapter is related with the existence of the necessary conditions for the efficient participation of Turkish Research Area to Community Programmes (Framework Programme).

Another important issue is the Turkish Research Area's integration performance to European Research Area. Candidate Countries, under this Chapter, is expected to make progress in terms of integration to European Research Area and in terms of EU's science and research objectives.

Current Stage of the Negotiations on the Chapter

25th Chapter - Science and Research - was opened and provisionally closed for negotiation on 12th June 2006.

Science and Research is among the fields of utmost importance in Turkey. The importance given to this field reflects itself in the vast improvements in the field, especially in the last five years. The Turkey is the 5th country when compared to the EU countries, in terms of the rate of increase in the percent allocation from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to Research and Development between years 2002-2007. The expenditure on R&D nearly tripled in 2008 when compared to 2003. The total expenditure of Turkey in R&D is approximately 7 billion TL in 2008.

The share of business expenditure in the R&D expenditures also rised from %24 in 2003 to %44 in 2008.

Turkey acknowledging the main component of achieving progress in R&D is human component, increased its researchers %107 between 2002 and 2007. Turkey is in the first rank in this increase rate in European level.

More than 57 thematic research centres are established to increase the national science and research capacity till now. These infrastructures are aimed to get integrated with their European counterparts.

 Turkey gradually becomes an integral and essential component of European Research Area. Turkey had participated in 5th Framework Programmes (FP5) on a project basis. In FP6, Turkey took the action in the next level and participated in FP6 as an associated country in equal terms with the EU member states (except with the right to vote). Turkey is now participating in FP7 (7th Framework Programmes).

Turkey paid 60 Mio € as a national contribution for the first three years of FP7 and in return 70 Mio € is obtained from the FP7 to the Turkish participants. Approximately, 7.5 Mio € of this amount consists of the funding to the SMEs. In these 3 years approximately 400 project has been participated by Turkish participants (universities, public and private sector). The total amount of budgets in the projects that are participated by Turkish participants constitute a grand sum of 900 Mio €. Next generation technologies, with international consortia's are realised under 7th Framework Programmes and Turkey is an integral part of this programme.

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