Updated: 28/06/2019

The Guide for the Translation of the EU Acts and the Annex Booklet

In order to designate the principles of translation of the European Union (EU) legislation and its linguistic and legal revision, “Translator’s Handbook for the Translation of the EU Acquis into Turkish” was published in 2009 for the first time. Following two updates of the Handbook, it was revised and published in 2017 as “The Guide for Translation of the EU Acts” and “The Annex Booklet”. It is of particular importance that The “Annex Booklet” be used in conjunction with “The Guide for Translation of the EU Acts”.

Click here for the Guide for Translation of the EU Acts and the Annex Booklet.

Regulations, directives, and decisions of the European Council, or the Council and the European Parliament, along with the recommendations of the Council were addressed in the Guide and in the Annex Booklet. Furthermore, the terminology, grammar rules, the format and examples of specific translated sentences are also presented.

The Guide and Annex Booklet, together with the "Glossary for the European Union" published by the Secretariat General for EU Affairs in 2009 should be observed while translating the EU legislation and revising the translated texts.

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