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2003 NPAA

   2003 YEAR NPAA

(Official Gazette Dated 24 July 2003 No. 25178 bis )(Turkish)

2003 Year NPAA for Documents

 Decision of the Council of Ministers Dated 23 June 2003 No. 2003/5930                                                                                                  
 I- Preamble  (DOC Format-25 KB)  (PDF Format-52 KB)
 II- Political Criteria  (DOC Format-40 KB)  (PDF Format-78 KB)
 III- Economic Criteria  (DOC Format-123 KB)  (PDF Format-198 KB)
 IV- Ability To Assume The Obligations Of Membership    
   1- Free Movement of Goods  (DOC Format-842 KB)  (PDF Format- 418 KB)
   2- Free Movement of Persons  (DOC Format-100 KB)  (PDF Format-98 KB)
   3- Freedom to Provide Services  (DOC Format-285 KB)  (PDF Format-174 KB)
   4- Free Movement of Capital  (DOC Format-64 KB)  (PDF Format-100 KB)
   5- Company Law  (DOC Format-208 KB)  (PDF Format-173 KB)
   6- Competition Policy  (DOC Format-91 KB)  (PDF Format-99 KB)
   7- Agriculture  (DOC Format-1,59 MB)  (PDF Format-532 KB)
   8- Fisheries  (DOC Format-221 KB)  (PDF Format-148 KB)
   9- Transport Policy  (DOC Format-1,05 MB)  (PDF Format-241 KB)
  10- Taxation  (DOC Format-204 KB)  (PDF Format-151 KB)
  11- Economic and Moneraty Union  (DOC Format-79 KB)  (PDF Format-108 KB)
  12- Statistics  (DOC Format-823 KB)  (PDF Format-347 KB)
  13- Social Policy and Employment  (DOC Format-387 KB)  (PDF Format-175 KB)
  14- Energy  (DOC Format-306 KB)  (PDF Format-202 KB)
  15- Industrial Policies  (DOC Format-47 KB)  (PDF Format-84 KB)
  16- Small and Medium Sized Enterprises  (DOC Format-47 KB)  (PDF Format-67 KB)
  17- Science and Research  (DOC Format-53 KB)  (PDF Format-91 KB)
  18- Education, Training and Youth  (DOC Format-93 KB)  (PDF Format-110 KB)
  19- Telecommunications and Information Technology  (DOC Format- 231KB)  (PDF Format-160 KB)
  20- Culture and Audiovisual Policy  (DOC Format- 69KB)  (PDF Format-77 KB)
  21- Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments  (DOC Format-55 KB)  (PDF Format-108 KB)
  22- Environment  (DOC Format-940 KB)  (PDF Format-324 KB)
  23- Consumer and Consumer Health Protection  (DOC Format-80 KB)  (PDF Format-91 KB)
  24- Justice and Home Affairs  (DOC Format-656 KB)  (PDF Format-289 KB)
  25- Customs Union  (DOC Format-389 KB)  (PDF Format-236 KB)
  26- External Relations  (DOC Format-55 KB)  (PDF Format-82 KB)
  28- Financial Control  (DOC Format-110 KB)  (PDF Format-112 KB)
  29- Financial and Budgetary Provisions  (DOC Format-71 KB)  (PDF Format-103 KB)
V- Adminitrative Capacity For The İmplementation Of The Acquis (General Evaluation)  (DOC Format-699 KB)  (PDF Format-511 KB)
VI- Financing Requirements (In Terms Of Acquis Chapters)  (DOC Format-307 KB)  (PDF Format-189 KB)

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