Updated: 09/04/2020

Announcement for EaSI Call for Proposal

EaSI Call for Proposal: Actions to boost the development of finance markets for social enterprises

The objective of the call for proposals is to contribute to the development of a social finance market, by designing and launching financial instruments for social enterprises and develop investment readiness of social enterprises. Another objective of the call is to encourage participants to learn from different models and good practice through organized sharing and disseminating of expertise and experience.

The total budget of the call where consortiums are supported is 2,5 million euro. Minimum fund amount of every single project is foreseen to be at least 150.000 euro

The deadline for submitting applications is 31/03/2020.  You can ask your questions regarding the call for proposal by way of e-mail to empl-vp-2019-015@ec.europa.eu until 21/03/2019.

For more detailed information about the call: https://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=629&langId=en&callId=578&furtherCalls=yes

For grant announcements of EU Programmes: https://www.ab.gov.tr/46194.html

For more information about EaSI Programme: https://www.ab.gov.tr/49876_en.html

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