Updated: 25/05/2016

Director of Sectoral Policies


Graduated from METU’s Department of Civil Engineering in 1992 and completed Master‘s degree (MSc.) at the division of water resources of the same department.

Between years 1996-2006, carried out planning studies at State Hydraulic Works, took part in tendering and implementation phases of drinking water and waste water treatment projects, served in foreign financed dam and irrigation projects.

Started working as an expert at the Secretariat General for the EU Affairs in 2006 and continued to serve in this capacity after the restructuring of the Secretariat General as the Ministry of EU Affairs as of 2011. She holds the post of Director of Sectoral Policies since April 2013.

E-Mail       : acaglayan@ab.gov.tr
Telephone : 0312 218 14 25

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