Updated: 23/01/2024

Department of Programming

Among the duties of the General Directorate of Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation, determined by Article 62 (2) of the Presidential Decree No. 4 dated 15 July 2018, the duties performed by the Programming Department are listed below:

a) To carry out the strategic planning and programming process of the pre-accession financial assistance provided by the European Union,

b) To contribute to the preparation of European Union financial assistance agreements, to conduct their negotiations and to carry out the internal approval process of the signed agreements,

c) To carry out the secretariat services of the National IPA Coordinator within the framework of the decentralized implementation system,

d) To coordinate the programming of the technical assistance tool (TAIEX) provided by the EU; to carry out the processes as the national contact point of the twinning tool of the Pre-Accession Financial Assistance,

e) To ensure domestic coordination of the IPA Multi Country Programme, to take the necessary measures for our country to benefit more from these programs and to communicate with the European Commission regarding this program,

f) To follow the process of carrying out the national coordination activities of the Türkiye Investment Platform and creating project portfolios that will be consistent with IPA projects (operational programs) and to make necessary guidance.



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