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Online Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results (DEOR) Event

In December 4th, 2020 Friday an online meeting for “The Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results of the Erasmus+ Programme” was held.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs, Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı, the Director of the Turkish National Agency İlker ASTARCI, Ambassador Nikolaus MEYER-LANDRUT, Head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye, Mehmet Sinan YILDIZ, Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Interior   Directorate General of Migration Management and approximately 500 participants have attended the meeting.

With DEOR Meetings, it is aimed to introduce the results of the projects carried out in our country to the institutions and organizations that can benefit from these results. The concept of DEOR in Erasmus + Projects means that the project outputs are shared with a wide audience and the outputs are either implemented, support policymaking and / or serve as sources of inspiration for other projects. Every year DEOR events are organized collaboratively with Directorate with EU Affairs and Turkish National Agency with a specific topic. This year the topic of the DEOR event was determined as Migration and Refugees. At the meetings, strategic partnership projects with concrete outputs are brought together with institutions and organizations that may be related to these results. There was an intense participation from several policy makers and institutions such as the United Nations, the European Commission, public institutions and universities.  

During the meeting's opening speech, İlker ASTARCI, Director of the Turkish National Agency emphasized that  Erasmus + helps to modernize and improve education, training, sports and youth sports policies by supporting them to use our human and social capital effectively through projects.Increasing the reflection of the outputs of the Erasmus+ projects on national policies, the use of these outputs in policy making processes and ensuring their sustainability are important in terms of maximizing the benefit of the Erasmus+ Programme for our country.

Mehmet Sinan YILDIZ, Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Interior   Directorate General of Migration Management underlined that  under the leadership of the Directorate For EU Affairs He also stated that within the scope of developing effective outputs in the field of migration management, international protection, social cohesion, and combating irregular migration, his institution have completed 55 projects so far, 27 projects are ongoing or will start.

Ambassador Nikolaus MEYER-LANDRUT, Head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye has stated that Erasmus+  is one of the most successful program of the EU. Offering opportunities for young people for three decades and enabling them to develop vital skills, social and intercultural skills and promoting active citizenship. Current Erasmus+ program between 2014-2020 has provided opportunities for over 4 million study, training, volunteering experiences in Europe. Dissemination of exploitation of Project results are among the main goals of Erasmus+.

Ambassador Faruk KAYMAKCI, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs expressed thatErasmus + and the ESC becomes very important to both individuals and institutions over the years while thousands of projects from different sectors and subjects are accepted and implemented every year. İncreasing the benefits of these projects depends on ensuring the usability of the project outputs in concrete areas which is possible with such DEOR events..

Mehmet Tolga SAMANCI, official of the   Directorate General of Migration Management  has informed the participants about the current situation by presentation and infographics.

Good examples of projects on migration were presented at the meeting.

1- Social Inclusion of Refugee Youth through Social Entrepreneurship- Şanlıurfa Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Kurucu ve İşletici A.Ş.

2- A Strengthened Network and an Integration Map For Refugees -İltica ve Göç Araştırmaları Merkezi

3- Peace Dialogue Campus Network: Fostering Positive Attitudes between Migrants and Youth in Hosting Societies- Koç Üniversitesi

4- Providing Learning Skills about Generating Solutions of Refugee Parents Facing to Educational Problems of Their Children - Gaziantep Üniversitesi

5- Immigrant Friendly Cities - Aydın İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü

6- Volunteer-based tutoring Model for Low-skilled Migrants & Refugees – Volutoring- AB Çalışmaları Merkezi Derneği

7- Jean Monnet Module on European and International Migration Law - Bilkent Üniversitesi

The meeting was concluded by taking the opinions of participating institutions and organizations, by evaluating how to benefit more widely from the project outputs and how new initiatives could be put forward together.

For detailed information about DEOR, please click the link https://bit.ly/erasmusdeor


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