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Improving the Detection Capacity of Turkish Customs Enforcement



Project title

Improving the Detection Capacity of Turkish Customs Enforcement

Priority area

Home Affairs - Integrated Border Management


Ministry of Trade




29 month, July 2018 – December2020

43 ay, July 2018 – December 2021 (if extension request is accepted)

EU contribution (Euro)







Brief description of the project and main objectives

The project aims to strengthen the customs surveillance and control capacities of the Ministry of Trade in administrative, technical and managerial terms, and to combat both the intended and committed crimes more quickly and effectively.


Overall Türkiye

Achievements / expected outputs

Within the scope of the project, trainings will be organized for Customs personnel to improve their control and detection capacities according to different container types. In addition, a new data governance tool will be developed to process all relevant data from sources such as the Customs Database, Anti-Smuggling Database and Vehicle Tracking System, and will support future customs control software programs and all kinds of communication tools. In addition, 5 Backscatter vans will be procured and distributed to the relevant ports for the highest volume container control.


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