Updated: 24/03/2021

Department of Monitoring and Evaluation


  The task of “coordinating, monitoring, directing and evaluating the financial aids for participation provided by the European Union”, which was entrusted to the Directorate General for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation with the Presidential Decree No. 4 dated 15 July 2018, is being carried out by the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation.

In this context:

a) To monitor, direct, coordinate and report pre-accession financial assistances provided by the European Union at the level of program, sector and project under annual and multi-annual programs.

b) To coordinate evaluation activities under the responsibility of the beneficiary country in accordance with the provisions of the Framework Agreement.

c) To determine education policy in line with the needs of public institutions for the use of Financial Aids, to form an action plan and to hold or provide to be held education programs within this framework.



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