Updated: 23/04/2019

Consultation Meeting on EaSI Call for Proposals was held

In the scope of the Employment and Social Innovation Programme (EaSI)in which our Directorate acts as coordinator, a call for proposals on Supporting the development of tailored learning provision in the implementation of "Upskilling Pathways” has been published.

Representatives from Ministry of National Education, Turkish Employment Agency, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Vocational Qualifications Institution, Turkish National Agency and Ministry of Labour, Social Services and Family participated in the meeting organized by the Department of Union Programs and Cross-Border Cooperation.The details of the call for proposals were discussed in the meeting and the points to be paid attention during the presentation of project proposals were addressed. In order to increase the possibility of adoption and implementation of the project proposals, it was agreed that the relevant institutions will submit a joint project proposal in cooperation. The process of the call for proposals will be followed by our Directorate.

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