Updated: 14/02/2019

Call for Proposals of Support to Civil Society Networks and Platforms in Turkey

The Guidelines of the Civil Society Facility and Media 2018-2019 – Turkey Programme implemented by EU Delegation to Turkey was published on the EuropeAid website.

The global objective of the call for proposals is to support existing or new networks and platforms of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in key areas/sectors in Turkey. The specific objectives are:

(1) to strengthen the organisational and institutional capacity of CSOs networks and platforms (internal governance, representativeness, financial sustainability, strategic planning, etc.).

(2) to strengthen CSOs networks and platforms' ability to outreach and communicate towards their constituency (individual civil society organisations or others CSOs networks), citizens and, if relevant, private sector.

(3) to promote strategic collaboration between CSOs networks and platforms and public authorities at local and/or national levels (monitoring of public action, advocacy, participation in decision-making process, etc.).

The deadline of the applications is 26 March 2019. For further information please click.

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