Updated: 09/04/2021



Improving the Capacity of Lawyers and Bar Associations on Promotion, Protection and Monitoring of Children’s Rights


Supporting the Effective Implementation of the Provisions of the Turkish Constitutional Court in the Field of Human Rights


Supporting the Implementation of the Action Plan for the Prevention of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights


Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of National Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey

Promoting Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Media in line with European standards

Strengthening Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination

Supporting Children's Rights in Turkey


Establishing Strong Monitoring, Evaluation and Coordination Mechanism for National Roma Integration Strategy (for the Action Plans)

Implementing Gender-Responsive Planning and Budgeting in Turkey


Empowerment of the Role of Ombudsman Institution in the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights

Independent Police Complaints Commission & Complaints System for the Turkish National Police, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard

Increasing the Organizational Capacity of the Women and Children Sections (WCS) of the Gendarmerie General Command

Strengthening Democratic Culture in Basic Education


Enhancing the Capacities of both Chief Civil Administrators about Crowd Control and the Civil Inspectors about Effective Investigation

Strengthening the Capacity of Bar Associations and Lawyers on European Human Rights Standards

Strengthening the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Forces in Coordination with the Ministry of Interior Department of Smuggling, Intelligence, Operation and Data Collection

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