Updated: 04/03/2024

The Future of Europe and Youth Meetings

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate for EU Affairs will organize a webinar series to ask for opinions of young people, NGOs/associations working in the field of youth, young leaders and academics on the future of Europe and the EU.

As the Directorate of EU Affairs, our objective is to enable our young leaders to express their opinions and suggestions on the following topics, which would ,thus, ensure the active participation of young people and civil society in Türkiye’s accession process to the EU and  that they share  their views about the future of the EU with the EU instutions and public. 

With the possibility of attending more than one panels below, the participants will be offered maximum three minutes to provide their opinions and suggestions.

  • Strengthening Democracy and Representation in Europe
  • Economic and Social Inclusion in Europe
  • Climate Change and Digitalization in Europe
  • Security and Foreign Policy in Europe

Should you wish to have a say in the future of Europe, you could do so by participating in the panels that might interest you most. To participate, please answer the questions on the application form and apply.

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For the available episodes, see the play list.

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What is the Future of Europe Conference?

The Future of Europe Conference (FEC) is a series of consultation and discussion meetings, initiated in partnership with the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council as a platform where the future of Europe and the EU will be discussed in a way that allows the participation of citizens. The aim of the conference is to ensure that all issues affecting EU citizens and their daily lives are discussed and to make Europe a better place for all.

In the conference the following topics will be primarily discussed: climate change, environment, health, economy, EU's role in the world, rights and values, the rule of law, security, digital transformation, migration, education, culture, youth and sports. The official opening of FEC was held on 9 May 2021, on Europe Day.

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