Updated: 13/03/2023

The Antakya Künefesi has been registered in the EU

The application of Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the European Union (EU) has been finalized and the "Antakya Künefesi" has been registered in the EU as a geographical indication.

With this registration published in the EU Official Gazette dated March 13, 2023 and numbered L 074, the "Antakya Künefesi" is also protected in the EU against all kinds of abuse, imitation and association.

The registration of the "Antakya Künefesi" in EU, increases the recognition and competitiveness of the product; it strengthens the domestic demand and export potential and contributes to the economy and employment of the region. It will also contribute to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Hatay, which is healing its wounds after the great earthquake disaster.

Together with the "Antakya Künefesi", the number of registered GI’s in the EU has reached 9 (Antep Baklavası, Aydın İnciri, Aydın Kestanesi, Bayramiç Beyazı, Giresun Tombul Fındığı, Malatya Kayısısı, Milas Zeytinyağı ve Taşköprü Sarımsağı).

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