Updated: 04/03/2024

May 9th Europe Day Activities

Within the framework of the 9 May Europe Day, visibility works are being realized in the context of Turkish and EU special days under the EUCS. Among them, the most comprehensive one consists of the activities realized on 9 May every year. According to this, a wide series of activities are directly organised or supported throughout Ankara, Istanbul and some other cities.

Some of the Several Activities that were a part of May 9th:

  • Grand opening of the European Union Park
  • The Peace and Friendship Rally
  • The Directorate for EU Affairs Race for Europe Day Cup
  • Intercontinental Nordic Walk
  • Europe Day Concert
  • Ladies European Tour Golf Tournament
  • Rhythm of Europe Street Festival
  • Europe Day Concert and Europe Fair
  • European Day Tree Planting Ceremony
  • Solidarity & Sharing Fast Breaking Dinner
  • European Tennis Tournament
  • Information Stands at Universities
  • Illumination of Atakule​


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