Updated: 29/09/2018

International Translation Day

Translation is the common language of all humanity.  Translators, who overcome the language barrier to allow different nations to understand each other in a globalising world, are the essential actors of international politics, commerce, economy and technology.

Translators meet the fundamental need for communication and contribute to peace and cooperation at the global level by accurately conveying information in today’s era of technology in which the exchange of information is swifter than ever and time has become a nearly obsolete concept in communication. With consideration to the vital role played by translators in communication at the international and universal level, the United Nations adopted a draft resolution in 2017 that underlined the role of professional translators in bringing nations closer and promoting peace, understanding and development, and officially declared 30 September (already celebrated by the International Federation of Translators since 1953) as the International Translation Day.

The translation sector has progressed and become increasingly important in Turkey in parallel with developments in the world. As per Negotiating Framework Document for Turkey, the translation of the EU acquis in a coordinated manner and satisfying certain international standards has become an essential within Turkey’s EU accession process. A separate translation unit was established in 2011 in order to undertake this responsibility. This unit coordinates the work for the translation of the EU acquis, as well as Turkish legislation adopted for alignment when necessary, carries out the inventory work and assesses the conformity of the translations. The unit is also responsible for the establishment of a European Union terminology database.

Professor Akşit Göktürk, who is one of the founders of the translation and interpretation studies in Turkey, defines translation as the “language of languages” and “introduction of other worlds defined by other languages.” Translators essentially create “a global language that comprises cultural and linguistic diversity” by enabling cultures speaking different languages to communicate in a common language and bring remote regions closer together. Happy International Translation Day!


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