Updated: 28/05/2020

EaSI Programme Calls for Proposals Informative Meeting was held remotely

The informative meeting of the current call for proposals within the scope of the Employment and Social Innovation Program (EaSI), which is one of the EU where the EU Presidency is the national coordinator, was held through the web conference under the chairmanship of. Bülent Özcan, Acting Director General of Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation.

EaSI Programme and current calls were introduced at the meeting, which included 72 participants. The participants were informed about how they should submit their project applications and the tips that they should use in preperation of their application.

There are currently  four calls for proposals under the EaSI Programme.

These calls are listed below: 

1. Information and training measures for workers' organisations(VP2020/02)

2. Support for Social Dialogue (VP2020/01)

3. Posting of workers: enhancing administrative cooperation and access to information(VP2020/07)

4. Improving Expertise in the field of Industrial Relations (VP2020/04)


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