Updated: 02/10/2013

European Cooperation Day Celebrations in Kırklareli

European Cooperation Day (ECD) is celebrated in Europe and neighbouring countries on 21 September every year. This year almost 40 countries participated in the activities which have been organized in order to increase the visibility, share the results and raise the awareness of positive effects of the European Territorial Cooperation.

Under Bulgaria-Türkiye IPA Cross-border Programme a mountain climbing activity called “Together to the Top” was organized on European Cooperation Day. During the event Turkish and Bulgarian participants climbed up to the highest peak in the cross-border area - Mahya Mountain (1.031 m) near Yenice Village in Kırklareli. During the event the participants marked the path with the flags and named the course as “The Cooperation Route”.

You can find the detailed news published in the web site of Bulgaria-Türkiye IPA Cross-border Programme here.

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