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Civil Society Dialogue - II

Civil Society Dialogue - II

As a continuation of Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Türkiye, the project titled: Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Türkiye-II is included in 2007 Programming under IPA. The overall objective of this Project is to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of Türkiye within the European Union, including the values on which it is founded, its functioning and policies as well as Turkish history and culture, thus allowing for a better awareness of the opportunities and challenges of future enlargement.

The Project provides the implementation of three Grant Schemes amounting to 4.2 Million Euros and aiming at establishing a framework for cooperation; supporting the establishment of partnerships; and promoting dialogue between the civil societies of Turkish and EU counterparts on Culture and Arts; Fisheries and Agriculture. The Project also aims to provide financial assistance to small, grassroots NGOs through small-scale projects all over Türkiye via Micro Grant Schemes.

Envisaged Info days time schedule is as folllows:

30 March 2009:
31 March 2009:
1 April 2009:
2 April 2009:
8 April 2009:
9 April 2009:
10 April 2009:
14 April 2009:
15 April 2009:
16 April 2009:
20 April 2009:
22 April 2009:
28 April 2009:

5 May 2009:



Anemon Otel, at 14.00
Basri Otel, at 9.45
Ege Palas, at 9.45
İzzethan Otel, at 9.45
Erdoba Otel, at 9.45
El Ruha Otel, at 9.45
Avþar Hotel, at 9.45
Grand Otel Tesk, at 9.45
Grand Zorlu Otel, at 9.45
Palan Otel, at 9.45
Tic.ve SanOdası, at 9.45
Sultaþa Otel, at 9.45
TOBB Conf. Hall, at 9.45

Eminönü Halk Eğ Mrk, at 9.45

Promoting Civil Society Dialogue

Notice 1: The date of the information meeting to be held in Istanbul on 5 May 2009 is not changed but the place of the meeting will be Eminönü Halk Eğitim Merkezi.

Notice 2: It is obligatory to execute project activities in scope of the component of Cultur and Arts outside of Istanbul.

Delegation of the European Commission to Türkiye
This Programme is funded by
the European Union

 Secretariat General for EU Affairs
EUSG is responsible for the implementation of this programme

Central Finance and Contracts Unit

CFCU is the Contracting Authority of this programme

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