Updated: 08/11/2013

Call for Proposals for Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey III Political Criteria Grant Scheme Re-launched

The Call for Proposals of the "Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey III  Political Criteria” grant scheme has been announced on November 7th, 2013. This Grant Programme has been launched by the Ministry for EU Affairs as a continuation of previous civil society dialogue projects conducted by the Ministry for EU Affairs since 2005. Projects developed by the civil society organisations in the field of Political Criteria will be funded through a resource amounting to 6.150.000 Euros.

Under the Political Criteria Grant Scheme, civil society organizations in Turkey will be given the opportunity of getting familiar with the policies of the EU concerning political criteria both in terms of legislation and implementation and being prepared for the accession through strengthening contacts and mutual exchange of experience between related civil society actors in Turkey and the EU Member States. The three priority areas of the component are human rights, anti-discrimination and democracy and rule of law.

Associations and foundations working in the field of democracy, justice, fundamental rights and freedoms, social dialogue and solidarity, culture, migration and asylum are eligible to apply as an Applicant or co-applicant, while universities (only research centres and think tanks), bars, employer unions, trade and public servant unions, municipalities and unions of municipalities, special provincial administrations (except the Special Provincial Administrations in 30 provinces due to fact that their legal entities will be ceased in March 2014 according to the Metropolitan Municipality Law No: 6360 and 6447) can take part in projects as co-applicants.

The deadline for the submission of project proposals is December 23rd, 2013. Also, given the key importance of sustainable partnerships between Turkey and the EU for the Grant Programme, it is a necessary condition to find partners from the EU for the potential beneficiaries in Turkey and partners from Turkey for the potential beneficiaries in the EU. The Ministry for EU Affairs has therefore developed a “Partner Search and Matchmaking Tool”, in order to facilitate the partner finding process.

A new Call for Proposals (EuropeAid/135252/M/ACT/TR) has been published for the Civil Society Dialogue III - Political Criteria grant scheme which was published on May 20th, 2013, and cancelled on August 27th. Applications submitted for the initial Call will not be considered/evaluated for the new Call; therefore, interested parties are invited to read the new Guidelines for Applicants which includes changes and submit a new application for the current Call.

More information on the Grant Scheme, application documents and the Partner Search and Matchmaking Tool can be found on the project web site www.csdproject.net; www.cfcu.gov.tr.

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