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Provinces Preparing for the European Union

Provinces Preparing for the European Union Programme" was put into practice on 2nd February 2011 for the purpose of enhancing the technical and administrative capacities of the "EU Units of Governorships" by the Ministry for EU Affairs (MEUA) within the framework of the "Improving the Effectiveness of Governorships in the EU Accession Process Project" which is carried out for a year by MEUA in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior.  

İllerimiz AB'ye HazırlanıyorProvinces Preparing for the European Union Programme"  was launched by 2011 as a multi-annual programme and aims at accelerating the "Improving the Effectiveness of Governorships in the EU Accession Process Project" and gradually supporting the "EU Units of Governorships" that are established in the governorships within the scope of the same project.

"Provinces Preparing for the European Union Programme" is financed through MEUA's own resources and is built on a model that is similar to the EU grant scheme programmes but more flexible methodology. The reason behind this is ensuring a learning process for the provinces about the use of the EU funds. The co-finance that is provided by the provinces is designed as a tool to raise awareness about making use of the EU projects and financial assistance.

The Programme which is intended to encompass all the provinces gradually in the upcoming years is also a concrete indicator of Turkey's commitment to EU Accession Process in financial terms.

Another goal of the projects that are supported within the scope of this programme is to spread enthusiasm and motivation about EU throughout the whole country and raise awareness about Turkey's EU Accession Process.

As a result of the technical and administrative evaluation of the 79 project proposals, 25 provinces are awarded financial assistance. The provinces and the names of the projects are listed below.




28th March 2011- Administrative conformity assessment for the 79 projects submitted by the governorships


EU Train Passing Through Balıkesir



Rize on the Path to the European Union



Eskişehir Preparing for  the EU



Sivas's Mission Europe's Vision


"The Capital" Unites on the Path to EU


  Cappadocia's Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow on the Path to the EU


Fountain of Life (AB-ı Hayat)



Island City Swins Towards the EU



Developing Malatya Preparing for the EU


Awareness on EU Is Contoured in İstanbul


Bilecik on the Path to the EU


Building a Knowledge Infrastructure in Mersin for EU Accession


Local Accession Model for the EU Accession Process: Adana


Afyonkarahisar on Path to the EU with its Values



Kırklareli Preparing for the EU



Kırıkkale on the Path to the EU


Eastern Edge of Europe: Van



Bridge from Tralles to the European Union


EU Travel of Çanakkale



Uşak: West of Turkey-East of Europe



Compliance "Army (Ordu)" with the European Union 


EU Moving to Hakkari



Activities of Bursa in the European Integration Process



Siirt preparing for the EU



EU Wind in İzmir



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