Updated: 05/03/2021

Conclusion of Stakeholders Consultation on Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Programme was published

A draft Territorial Analysis was developed for the eligible area of the Interreg Next Black Sea Basin Programme 2021-2027 and the consultation process has been launched from 11th of January 2021 until 12th of February 2021 through an on-line survey for providing input on the Policy, Interreg and specific objectives considered as relevant to receive currently the stakeholders’ expectations are explored in support of the first step for thematic concentration of the programme strategy.

The survey included a mix of questions including quantitative and open-ended qualitative questions. 340 stakeholders have fully completed the survey. The survey managed to reach out to academic institutions, business support organizations, international / interregional organizations, consultants, enterprises as well as the public.

The survey aimed at exploring the preferences of the stakeholders in the Policy and Interreg objectives as well as the specific objectives under each Policy / Interreg objective.

Please click here for the survey results.

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