Updated: 17/04/2024

Cross-border Cooperation Programmes

Cross-border Cooperation Programmes aim at cooperation for balanced development in the common border regions of EU Member States, between the border regions of third countries bordering EU Member States and between the regions within the Union itself. As one of the instruments of the EU Regional Policy as well as the European Neighbourhood Policy, the Cross-border Cooperation Programmes aim to support cooperation for economic and social development in border regions. Under Cross-border Cooperation, Türkiye participates in Interreg IPA Bulgaria-Türkiye Cross-border Cooperation Programme, Interreg NEXT Black Sea Basin Cross-border Cooperation Programme and the Interreg NEXT Mediterranean Sea Basin Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

A total of 79 million Euros under the Bulgaria-Türkiye Programme in which Türkiye participated in the 2003-2006, 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 periods and 41 million Euros under the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 periods of the Black Sea Basin Cross-border Cooperation Programme have been allocated for projects of the Programmes. Under these two programmes, a total of 310 projects have been successfully implemented. In addition to these two programmes, Türkiye also participated in the Interreg NEXT Mediterranean Sea Basin Cross-border Cooperation Programme for the first time in the 2021-2027 period. Our Directorate is the National Authority of the Cross-border Cooperation Programmes in which Türkiye participates. 43 provinces in the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions can benefit from the grant opportunities under the calls for project proposals announced under the programmes.

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