Updated: 05/06/2015

World Environment Day: 5 June 2015

Since the 1972 United Nations Conference on Environment organized in Stockholm that underlined the great responsibility of humankind for protecting and improving the environment for future generations; 5th of June is celebrated as “environment day” all over the world.

The main theme of 2015 World Environment Day, devoted to sustainable consumption, underlines the importance of prudent and responsible utilization of natural resources.  Increase of human pressure over the nature together with industrial development and economic growth, brought along serious environmental problems. In recent years, the principle of sustainable development took a high place on world agenda with the growing awareness that it is necessary to reassess problems that threaten environment and natural ecosystems through new and broader perspective.

Considering the fact that our planet is approaching a critical and irreversible threshold with regard to its natural resources, it is crucial to take the necessary measures for the future both individually and collectively. Today, like many other countries, Türkiye aims achieve sustainable economic development and thereby to protect both the environment and the rights of future generations.

Increasing the life quality of our citizens is only possible through a balanced and prudent use of natural resources and a clean environment. In this framework, Türkiye’s ongoing EU Accession negotiations are an important driving force for improving environmental standards in the country. Improvement of the quality of the air we breathe, securing the cleanness and hygiene of water intended for human consumption, recycling of the wastes and ensuring their contribution to the economy, preventing noise pollution and securing that future generations are brought up in a healthy environment are within the scope of the Chapter on Environment and Climate Change, which was opened to negotiations on 21 December 2009. Our citizens’ life quality and welfare will further increase with every new step taken in line with the implementation of EU environmental standards in our country.

Water and waste investments financed by the EU Funds, contributed to efforts for providing high quality, healthy drinking water to cities and establishment of solid waste management services through the construction of recycling and landfill plants. In this regard, a total of 127 M. Euro was spent on water and waste infrastructure projects in the scope of 2002-2006 financial programming period of EU Funds.  The construction of 24 water and waste infrastructure projects, with a total approximate budget of 600 M. Euro, has been started within the scope of 2007-2013 period. EU Financial support is continuing for investments in these areas.

Türkiye’s final target is full EU membership. On this way, Türkiye is duly fulfilling its responsibilities and expecting from EU the same kind of determination and resolution.

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