Updated: 18/08/2011

Public Institutions

Turkish Grand National Assembly

Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of National Education

Ministry of Public Works and Settlement

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Transport and Communication

Ministry of Labour and Social Security

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Ministry of Development 

Ministry of Economy

Republic of Türkiye Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury

Ministry of Customs and Trade

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Türkiye

Republic of Türkiye Supreme Court

Republic of Türkiye Presidency of Council of State

Turkish Court of Accounts

Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye

Turkish Competition Authority

Capital Markets Board of Türkiye

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

Turkish Statistical Institute

Central Finance & Contracts Units

The Council of the Higher Education

Undersecretariat for Defence Industries

Privatization Administration

Turkish Accreditation Agency

Information and Communication Technologies Authority

Energy Market Regulatory Authority

Turkish Accounting Standards

State Personnel Presidency

Human Rights Presidency

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye


Revenue Administration

Administration for Disabled People

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization

Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency

Turkish Standards Institution

Turkish Patent Institute

Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Directorate General on the Status of Women

Social Assistance and Solidarity Fund

General Directorate of Family and Social Research

Export Credit Bank of Türkiye




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