Updated: 12/04/2017

MEU Projects

In regard to EU accession process, Secretary General for EU Affairs, have developed a lot of projects regarding civil society and the public. The projects are developed for increasing the efficiency of public and civil society in Turkey, enhancing the dialogue process regarding EU affairs, introducing EU to more masses in Turkey and introducing Turkey to more masses in EU. These projects are listed below: 


Civil Society Dialog I

In 2005 the European Commission adopted a Communication that establishes objectives and priorities for further development of a civil society dialogue between the EU and Candidate countries[1]. It aims to bring citizens and different cultures, political and economic systems closer in order to bridge the information gap, achieve better mutual knowledge, thus ensuring a stronger awareness of the opportunities as well as the challenges of future accessions.

The 2006 Pre-accession Assistance Programme for Turkey includes a project titled: Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Turkey.


Civil Society Dialog II

As a continuation of Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Turkey, the project titled: Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Turkey-II is included in 2007 Programming under IPA. The overall objective of this Project is to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of Turkey within the European Union, including the values on which it is founded, its functioning and policies as well as Turkish history and culture, thus allowing for a better awareness of the opportunities and challenges of future enlargement.

Turkish Local Media on the EU Path I-II Project


Under the motto “EU arises from the local”, Ministry for EU Affairs implemented the “Turkish Local Media on the EU Path” project between June 2011and June 2013 with the aim of informing the public correctly on EU related matters and providing a better understanding of the EU membership process at the local level. The objective of the project was to further strengthen the existing communication network between the Ministry for European Union Affairs and the local media, to encourage the local media to follow up Turkey’s EU accession process more closely and to include them in the process.  

Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme

Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme which has been implemented for more than 25 years is one of the most well-established and prestigious scholarship programmes in Turkey. The Programme aims at contributing to the human capital of Turkey specialized on the EU acquis.

Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme which was established in 1989 with an agreement in between the Republic of Turkey and European Commission, facilitates people to get specialized on fields related to Turkey’s harmonization process and the EU acquis. Jean Monnet Scholarships enable the opportunity for public and private sector (including civil society organizations) employees, university students and academic/administrative staff of the universities in Turkey to conduct a postgraduate study in EU member countries.

EUSG Young Translators Competition

EUGS Young Translators Competition - 2010" was held in Ankara on 12 December 2010 by the Secretariat General for EU Affairs (EUGS) with the aim to increase the awareness in terms of translation throughout the EU accession process and to improve the cooperation, initially, among the universities and the youth.


Services Project

The Ministry for EU Affairs has initiated the implementation of a comprehensive technical assistance project, namely "Support to Preparation of the National Strategy for Harmonization with the EU Acquis in the Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services” in September 2014 to meet the only technical benchmark for opening of the Chapter 3, which requires Turkey to prepare a detailed strategy covering all steps necessary for institutional capacity building and legislative alignment.



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