Updated: 02/02/2018

Projects submitted under the First Call for Proposals of the Black Sea Basin CBC Programme 2014-2020 was approved

In the meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee for Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 in Bucharest on 30 January 2018, 23 projects submitted under the first call for proposals of the Programme was approved to be funded, in total value of 18,630,289.97 euro (ENI funds).

The results of the evaluation and selection of the applications are reflected in the eMS (Electronic Monitoring System, in which the projects were submitted herein. All applicants may see in the eMS the status of their applications: „Recommended” or „Recommended under Conditions” or „Not Recommended”. Please note that „Recommended under Conditions” means that the application is on the reserve list.

Using the eMS registration e-mail address, notification letters will be sent to all applicants, indicating whether their application has been selected, recommended for the reserve list or rejected, according to the Joint Monitoring Committee’s decision.

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