Updated: 01/11/2018

Partnerships and Networks Grant Implementation Training Launched

The coordinator beneficiaries and co-beneficiaries of the seven awarded projects granted under the Partnerships and Networks Grant Scheme for Strengthening Cooperation Between the Public Sector and CSOs met in Ankara.

Detailed information on project implementation principles and related processes is being shared on the Partnerships and Networks Grant Scheme implemented by the Directorate for European Union Affairs under the umbrella of the “Civil Society Sector.”

Director of Project Implementation Directorate Bülent Özcan has met the beneficiaries of the grant scheme programme; made a speech emphasizing that the support provided to civil society under Pre-Accession EU Financial Asistance (IPA II) has been taken under the roof of as a ”sector and so civil society financial assistance has become a priority.

Duygu Yardımcı, EU Affairs Expert from Directorate for EU Affairs, took the floor at the opening session and delivered a presentation about other programmes conducted by the Directorate by giving information on the structure of EU financial assistances.

Among coordinator and partner beneficiaries of the projects aiming to enhance active citizenship and to strengthen the cooperation between CSOs and public sector, there are some significant organisations as follows:

Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), Municipality of Şişli, Association of Citty Councils, Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work, Development Analytics Research and Education Assocaition, Municipality of Karesi, Tohum Autism Foundation and other autism foundations active in Turkey (Federation of Autism Foundations; Anatolia Autism Federation; Selçuklu Education Foundation of Individuals with Autism; Foundation of Individuals with Special Needs; Foundation of Solidarity with Autistic Children and Their Families of Konya; Fight Against Autism and Education Foundation of Rize; Federation of Associations of Autism and Disabled; Autism Federation; Anatolian Fight Against Autism and Education Foundation of Geydirici, Turkish European Foundation, Economic Development Foundation, Life Foundation, White Cane Visually Impaired Foundation, Grand Target Culture Art Sports and Youth Club Association, Antalya Science University, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Municipality of Döşemealtı, Vehbi Koç Foundation, Koç University, Ashoka Foundation, TED University, Association of Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development, Social Innovation Initiative Association.

Moreover, foreign associations such as Stichting Oxfam Novib, The Social Enterprise Coalition and Fondacija Mozaic will co-assist the efforts of the projects.

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