Updated: 05/05/2020

Information for the Beneficiaries of Black Sea Basin Cross-border Cooperation Programme in the context of coronavirus disease COVID-19

In order to support Programme beneficiaries to respond to the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, the Managing Authority issued recommendations on measures that may be taken by the beneficiaries to reduce the effects of the crisis on the projects implementation.

In this regard,  the beneficiaries may request:

  • extension or suspension of the implementation period, in accordance with the provisions of the grant contract;
  • postponement of certain deadlines for activities or organization of online events/meetings;
  • the use of electronic signature to approve project documents, as well as the possibility to purchase an electronic signature and to reimburse these expenses from administrative costs, if necessary.

Depending on the evolution of the current situation and on the decisions taken at the level of the European Commission, the Managing Authority explores the possibility to take other measures to support the beneficiaries, which will be published on the website and social media page of the Programme.

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