Updated: 06/11/2015

Deputy Undersecretary Ahmet YÜCEL

Ahmet Yücel, born in Kemaliye in 1967, received his B.A. degree on Economics from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science following his graduation from Ankara Cumhuriyet High School. He entered the public service in 1993 as a Planning Junior Expert in the State Planning Organization’s Directorate General for EU Affairs. Following his promotion as a Planning Expert in 1997, he completed his post-graduate studies in the Department of Economics of Ohio University. In 2003, he was appointed as the Head of the EU Policies Department and worked as the Director General for EU Affairs in the same institution between the years 2007-2009. Since 6 October 2009 Ahmet Yücel serves as Deputy Undersecretary in the Ministry for EU Affairs.

e-Posta : ayucel@ab.gov.tr
Tel.       : +90 312 218 14 72

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