'Nemrut in the World, World in Nemrut' Project Opening Ceremony

The project of Nemrut Rotary Club named "Nemrut in the World, World in Nemrut", which was granted within the framework of Civil Society Dialogue-II Project Culture and Arts Component, was introduced to the public on 23rd July 2011 with an opening ceremony at the Adıyaman University.



Ministry for EU Affairs Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Mehmet Cangir, Deputy Governor Yakup Güney, the President of Adıyaman University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Talha Gönüllü, Italian Cultural Attache Deputy Gianluca Bıscardi, Consul of the Embassy of Hungary Third Secretary Peter Szanto, Project Coordinator Eda Kayaoğlu, CHP Provincial Chairman Zafer Ersoy and the Head of the Association Yaşar Koca have attended the opening ceremony.

The meeting has come to an end with the concert given by Borusan Quartet chamber orchestra in which many foreign and local tourists took place.



With the activities of panels, dance activities, gastronomy workshops, seminars and concerts which will be organized within the scope of the Project lasting 12 months and having 130.112 Euros budget, it is envisaged  to rise the importance given to culture and to promote the intercultural dialogue between Turkey and the EU.


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