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Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme


Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross Border Programme is one of the CBC programmes where the Ministry for EU Affairs acts as the National Authority. The Programme is co-financed through the new target of ‘European Regional Cooperation' by the European Regional Development Fund and Pre-Accession Instrument. The overall objective is to achieve balanced sustainable development built upon the key strengths of the Bulgaria-Turkey cross-border co-operation area in contribution to stronger European co-operation and integration.

Managing Authority of the Programme is the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria and the National Authority is the Republic of Turkey Ministry for EU Affairs. The eligible cross-border co-operation area covers the districts of Bourgas, Yambol and Haskovo on the Bulgarian side and provinces of Edirne and Kırklareli on the Turkish side. Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS-main office), which conducts informative campaigns and assists the programme management bodies in carrying out their respective duties, is based in Haskovo (Bulgaria). and the antenna office of the JTS that operates in parallel to the main office is based in Edirne.

B. 2007-2013 BUDGET PERIOD

Specific objectives to be achieved by the grant projects are as follows:
• To boost sustainable economic development in cooperation area built on the comparative advantages.
• To improve the overall social development and promote social cohesion among people and communities.
• To improve the quality of life by efficient use of common natural resources as well as protection of natural, cultural and historical heritage values.

In order to achieve the overall objectives of the programme, three priority axes should be taken into account when preparing a project:
1. Sustainable Social and Economic Development
2. Improvement the Quality of Life
3. Technical Assistance

During the 2007-2013 period, three call for proposals were announced. Within the context of the first call for proposals a total of 48 projects with a budget of 9.600.957, 93 Euro was signed after June 2011, and 45 of these projects were succesfully completed.  Under the second call for proposals, all of the 46 projects with a total budget of 11.516.438 Euro that were signed after December 2012 were completed. Under the third call for proposals another 41 projects were contracted since January 2014, with a total budget of 9.459.620 Euro. During this period, a total grant of 32 million Euro was directed towards the projects conducted by the Turkish and Bulgarian partners consisting regional public institutions, local authorities, educational institutions, trade associations, and non-governmental organizations.

C. 2014-2020 BUDGET PERIOD

As a result of the negotiations regarding the 2014-2020 period of the Programmetaking place since November 2010, with the contribution of all the related stakeholders under the coordination of the Ministry for EU Affairs, the Programme Document was adopted by the EU Commission on Auğust 2015. After the decisions on the terms and conditions regarding the new call for proposals are determined, this new call is expected to be annonced at the end of 2015.

In the new programming period, grants will be provided to the projects under the following thematic priorities;

1. Protecting the environment and promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management

2. Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage

The budget allocated to the cross-border cooperation programme between Bulgaria and Turkey during the 2014-2020 period is 29.642.894,12 Euro, and 25.196.460 Euro of this amount will be funded by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II). The remainin budget, coming in equal amounts from the national co-financing of Bulgaria and Turkey will comprise the 15% of the approved project budgets.


Potential beneficiaries, who would like to apply for grant under the Programme, are able to obtain detailed information by visiting the official web site of the Programme.

For most up-to date announcements about the Programme, the twitter profile is: @BgTr_IPACBC


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